SWAP Scoping Meetings Recap

Attendees gather for the SWAP meetingThirteen public scoping were held throughout the state between October and December 2013 and were attended by over 500 people. Public input was sought to ensure the SWAP 2015 Update adequately identifies impacts to habitats – and that the draft conservation strategies appropriately address those impacts.

Meetings were conducted in Sacramento, Long Beach, San Diego, Palm Desert, Fresno, San Luis Obispo, Bishop, San Leandro, Santa Rosa, Lake Tahoe, Redding, and Eureka, with a second meeting in Sacramento.  All but San Luis Obispo and the second Sacramento meetings are being held in the evening to accommodate those who work during the day.

SWAP meetingEach meeting highlighted different regional habitats. Presentations discussing the various habitats included a PowerPoint presentation, a Fact Sheet handout and a detailed wall poster. The meeting materials including the agendas are in the process of being posted to the SWAP website – and should be available by mid-March.

In addition to the great questions asked at the Scoping Meetings, public comments were solicited on the draft conservation strategies. Many written comments have been received so far, with more comments continuing to come-in via postal and electronic mail. Comments will also be posted to the SWAP website by mid-March.

It’s not too late to submit a comment. CDFW wants your input: Is anything missing? Are there any gaps? Did CDFW properly identify the key conservation factors of the habitat selected as the target for the respective conservation targets? What do you like about the approach being taken, or don’t like? Because of the technical nature of the topic, comments are requested in writing, so nothing is mischaracterized. Please submit comments via email to: SWAP@wildlife.ca.gov. You can also mail comments to:

Armand Gonzales
California Department of Fish and Wildlife
1416 Ninth Street, Suite 1341-B
Sacramento, CA  95814