Update Timeline

The SWAP 2015 update will be accomplished in 3 phases. Phase 1 includes development and update of data needed to support the informational needs of the plan. Staff training on the tools to create the Plan will be conducted.

Phase 2 includes development of a vision for wildlife and habitat conservation in California that is scientific, appealing, and relevant to the people of California in terms of how it will benefit them. The 2005 Plan will be reviewed to determine what new information and initiatives have been developed since 2005. Climate change effects and other projections based on the best scientific information available will be incorporated into ecoregional, watershed, marine and statewide analyses for assessing threats and developing strategies that will aid species adaptation to climate induced stresses. Ecoregion goals and actions will be developed as well as conservation actions that can be implemented and monitored for effectiveness, using the principles of adaptive management.

Phase 3 includes the development of companion plans specifically focused on activities conducted by public and private land managers that have compatible benefits for fish and wildlife. Companion plans will be developed for Agriculture, Consumptive and Recreational Uses, Energy Development, Forest and Rangelands, Land Use Planning, Transportation Planning, Tribal Lands, and Water Use and Management.

CDFW teams are currently working on creating draft conservation strategies for habitats and their resident species of greatest conservation need (Phase 2). The draft Plan is expected to be available in early 2014 with plan completion targeted for the Summer of 2015. View the complete project timeline.